Private & Corporate Workshops

Whether at a private location (residence or club), or dispensed within an organisation, workshops are a great way to gather a maximum of information on a given subject in a short time (usually two hours). They are also fun, interactive and educational, and usually kept to a maximum of 15 people, in order to give the chance to everyone to participate. They can also be adapted to your own requirements.

“Because you’re worth it” -or how to beat the impostOr syndrome

“You think: ‘Why would anyone want to see me again in a movie? And I don’t know how to act anyway. so why am I doing this?’” Guess who said that? Astonishingly, it’s Meryl Streep, record-holder for the most Academy Awards nominations for any actor, ever . The culprit: the infamous “imposter syndrome”, that nasty inner-voice that puts doubts into the most brilliant of minds, as well as a mighty fear of being “found out”, even when their competences are widely recognised. Interestingly enough, research have shown that it is usually the most high-achieving and competent people who are afflicted by it, rather than the real “fraudsters”. In this workshop, we will examine the theory behind the syndrome (definition, symptoms, socio-economic connections and various types), as well as tips and techniques to beat it.

“Just do it” -or how to beat your inner self-saboteur- workshop

One way or the other, we are all -unfortunately- self-saboteurs. There are among us the people pleasers who always puts the needs of others before their owns; the procrastinators who waste a ridiculous amount of time scrolling aimlessly through their Instagram rather than working on an important assignment or writing their long-dreamed of novel; the eternal singles who say they desperately want a soulmate but always end up making the wrong (and often the same) choices; the ambitious professional who somehow always arrives late, or on time but unkempt; the dieter who starves him/herself for days but then gulfs three packets of biscuits in less time than it takes to say “self sabotage”… And sometime, we are all of that. In this workshop, we will examine the various types of self-saboteurs, the often deeply buried causes behind those patterns (fear of failure/success, low self-esteem, lack of self care…) and tips to get rid of self-sabotaging behaviours.

“it’s all in the picture” -or how to create your visualisation board- workshop

Your inner creative will love that one! Made out of pictures cut from magazines and books, a vision board is a spontaneous collage (no analysing while doing it) that connects to your subconscious. By bringing to the surface aspects of your personality or desires that might have remained hidden, it brings focus to who you really are and what you really want, with their theme as general or specific as you want. And while creating a vision board is undoubtedly a very playful and fun exercise, it is also an very powerful tool to make you aware of your dreams and aspirations, as well as to make them, more real and accessible through visual representation. Half of the session will be used to create your board, while the remaining half will be an occasion for you to present it to the rest of the group and explain what you’ve learnt, who will give you some feedback from their own perspective.


  • Location: private home upon request, private club or office for corporate clients

  • Duration: 90 minutes for “Because you’re worth it” and “Just do it”, three hours for “It’s all in the picture”

  • What to bring: just yourself, although you might want to have a pen and notebook handy. Magazines, glue and drawing pens are provided for the Vision Board.

  • Number of participants: up to 20 for “Because you’re worth it” and “Just do it”, up to 10 for “It’s all in the picture”

  • Price: from £550 for “Because you’re worth it” and “Just do it”, from £950 for “It’s all in the picture”