The Good Hedonist offers a range of services to fit different needs and schedules, with at their core the same values: knowledge-based, result-orientated and fun.

One-to-One Sessions

The only difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline. And that’s why one-to-one sessions are without a doubt the Holy Grail of Life Coaching. Not just because they offer you the possibility to tailor-make your programme according to your specific goals and schedule, but also because they offer one major USP advantage : accountability. Something that even the best self-help books, motivational talks and podcasts can’t do.


Workshops are a great way to gather a maximum of information on a given subject in a very short time . They are also fun, interactive and educational, great not only to gather knowledge but to bond with a group, by providing a great opportunity to debate and discuss. They are kept to a maximum of 15 people, in order to give the chance to everyone to participate. The themes offered here are on topical subjects, but also be adapted to your own requirements.


Organised in collaboration with some trusted partners from the luxury travel sector, these retreats will take place over 3 to 7 days. Set in sunny and beautiful Puglia, Andalusia and Essaouira, they will take place in houses and villas selected for their unique style. Guests will experience a high level of comfort, while at the same feeling completely at home. There will be a comprehensive timetable of yoga, cultural activities and workshops, to make sure guests can completely relax and have fun without ever being bored.