We must exercise ourselves in the things that bring happiness, since, if that be present, we have everything, and, if that be absent, all our actions are directed towards attaining it.
— Epicurus (Greek Philosopher)

Epicurus, one of the first to theorise hedonism, had it right: in order to be happy, we must seek pleasure in everyday life. By pleasure, he didn’t mean bacchanalian orgies and sex, or drugs and rock’n’roll parties, but every little moment that brings us true well-being, from feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin to cuddling a loved one. This is this sense of contentment that I aim to bring to my high-achieving clients, within a practice which is caring and fun, but also challenging and result-orientated.

If you are:

  • A high achiever who “has it all” but never seems to be fully satisfied, content or happy, however successful you get;

  • An ambitious professional who ends up ruining your most important relationships because of a lack of work/life balance;

  • A senior corporate who feels frustrated in your career, however financially rewarding it might be, and wants to unleash your inner artist;

  • An apparently fulfilled individual going through lifestyle and relationship changes (parenthood, divorce, new career…) and secretly struggling to cope;

  • A successful professional who never seems to be able to have a healthy, functioning relationship, and keeps on doing the same mistakes andcreproducing the same patterns;

  • A talented creative full of wonderful ideas or projects but somehow crippled by your inner doubts, self-sabotage habits and chronic tendency to procrastinate

…then I can help, not only as a certified life coach, but also as someone who has seen first hand how some people who seemingly “have it all” are in fact highly dissatisfied with their lives.

As a journalist and consultant, I’ve spent 20 years interviewing, collaborating, working alongside dozens of well known personalities, celebrities and high profile CEOs and entrepreneurs, including Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, Jamie Oliver, Nicolas Anelka, James Dyson, Vincent Cassel, Ron Arad, Natalie Massenet, Jude Law, Sebastian Coe or Paul Smith. I’ve also interviewed murderers, homeless people and victims of crimes, which gives me a unique USP as a life coach.

What you can expect

  • Clarity Some people come to life coaching knowing exactly what their objectives are (finish a novel or ask for a divorce for example), but most only have a vague idea of what they want, apart from knowing they want to change. In any case, it is important at the beginning of the process to define goals as precisely as possible, in order to be able to achieve them. For that, I’ll get you to do exercises, such as a vision board, a fun but remarkably insightful collage exercise, that we will analyse together, and which will not only give you clarity of vision but also daily motivation.

  • Self-confidence Most of us are capable of doing incredible things. One of the main problems is that most of us don’t believe That we do. One of my main missions as a life coach is to give you the confidence to achieve what it is you want. Of course, goals need to be realistic (“I want to be a Nobel prize winner” is not), but you will be surprised by how much you can do, especially when you identify the self-sabotaging patterns and limiting self-beliefs that get in your way.

  • Motivation & Accountability It’s not by chance that there is “coach” in “life coach”: like a rugby or tennis coach, I as a life coach am here to push you, encourage you, show you that there is so much more within you that you might be led -or lead yourself- to believe. I am also here to check on you, not just during our sessions, but every day, especially if you have a tendency to procrastinate, in order to make sure you are following our plan of action. Deadlines, as well as sticking to them, are crucial if you want to achieve your goals, in particular in areas of your life where there are none.

  • Insights The beauty of life coaching is that you already have all the answers and solutions within yourself- but sometime buried so deep, that you are not aware of them. As a life coach, I will listen to you a lot, but I will also ask you a lot of questions, to get to the point and make you see the treasures of resourcefulness that you already have within yourself. You will end up getting amazing flash-bulb moments about yourself, that will help you become more successful, more efficient, more content: not a different person, but just a better version of yourself.

  • Support & Confidentiality I’m not here to advise you, let alone criticise you: I’m not your friend, but I will be your confident and a supporting ear during the whole process,. What happens/is said in life coaching stays in life coaching, so you can feel free to open up about your dreams, your goals, your life.

As a life coach, I am neither an adviser nor a therapist, but an enabler who helps you become the best, happiest version of yourself. As a client, you are in the driving seat: my role as a co-pilot is to support you in your journey, by helping you to identify any avoidance or self-sabotaging patterns that may get in the way of your goals, and by providing you with the insights and tools that will enable you to transform those goals into reality.

A life well lived

Like my clients, I have had to negotiate sometime drastic lifestyle and relationship changes, both personal and professional: moving countries, getting married and divorced, raising children on my own, going from a stable journalistic career to reinventing myself as a freelance professional. Like them also, I am driven and creative, and I believe quite successful. That said, I have had times when I’ve felt depressed, anxious, sad, angry, lonely, cynical or bitter, and I have had my fair share of failures and traumas.

The fact is that most people have had horrible things happening to them. In my case, when it hasn’t always been a bed of roses, I have all in all so far lived a life full of love, fun and adventures, in which I’ve made space for everything I hold dear: my two beautiful teenage girls, some wonderful friendships (most of which decades-old), a really interesting career, and a buzzing and fun social life. And for that, I feel incredibly grateful. So if you are ready to live a life well lived, then I am happy to listen.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleonor Roosevelt